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How About Maintaining a "Gratitude Journal?"

Drinking Coffee with Malti Bhojwani!

My 2 cents:

#1 A brilliant, breezy read.
#2 A must-have book for self-help book addicts, quote addicts and super cynics.
# Keep your highlighter ready. It's an inspiration loaded book. In fact, positive thoughts and quotes ooze through the entire book.

Book review: 

If ‘The Secret’ is one of your all-time favorite books then you are sure to enjoy ‘Don’t Think of A Blue Ball’ by Malati Bhojwani. “Plug in” is the word for this book. Plug in with the universe, she says, to manifest your dreams. Plug-in to small pleasures of your life: don’t rush through them; be it bathing, gyming, yoga, etc. Even while getting a hair-cut done, you can be plugged-in. Instead of getting impatient and looking at the watch again and again, plug-in to relish the experience, she says. Now you may ask how do you actually plug-in? You can do it through different ways: through prayers, meditation, centering, and grounding and even by just connecting, shares Bhojwani.

Plug-in with complete trust.

Give up how and the when, trust that what you desire is magnetized towards you.

The Universe is never late, but generally, not early either. Why not early! To test our implicit trust, perhaps. If everything you asked for came to us immediately, you will never grow and develop.

Insightful lines… Yes, the book is peppered with such strong, thoughtful lines.

No doubt the book deals with the much-talked about concept of “Law of attraction.” But let me tell you Bhojwani handles the oft-repeated topic in a refreshing new way. This is one thing that drew me to this book. She says, if you only think of the negative and the bad, then you are definitely attracting all the bad and negatives in your life. For instance, when you start assuming that your spouse is in an extra-marital affair and start nagging about it, he/she may literally start cozying up with a colleague just to prove you right. When all relationships seem fake to you, even true relationships may turn their back toward you. Our negative mindset on different things, attract only negatives in your life. So, the author asks us to have implicit faith in the universe. Believe in the Law Of Attraction and think only positive to attract positives in life. The Voltaire’s quote in the book aptly echoes this philosophy: “Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe”.

The only way to have what you want is to trust that you will have it and to expect it without a doubt.

So you got the premise!

The book revolves around beautiful concepts of Thankfulness, Appreciation, Gratitude, the Power Of Declaration, Universal Abundance and much more.  In fact, the book has inspired me so much that I decided to maintain a Gratitude Journal. Plus, the pithy catch phrases, analogies, anecdotes, quotes by famous authors and of course, the exercises given at the end of each chapter makes it a very interesting read. More than anything, the author’s habit of maintaining a Daily Gratitude Journal is my best take away from the book.

Final take: 4/5. Go for it.

A Perfect Book For Daily Dose Of Positive Thinking


  1. This sounds such an inspiring and a thought provoking book. Will check it out!

    1. Yeah, U need to check this book out. But read it gradually. Quick glancing won't serve the purpose I believe.

  2. Thank you for such an honest review!!! :)

    1. I had kept my fingers crossed, wondering whether you liked it or not? But it seems you liked it, though I strongly felt that I had cut corners while reviewing.

      Anyway. Thanks for your generous comment.

  3. I too believe that the Universe has perfect timing. Kairos is the Biblical word, I would use for this, Jini.
    This sounds like a great book. I'm curious about the significance of the name. :)

    1. Sorry Corinne!!!It was a rush-read considering I had way passed by deadline for a won't be able to answer that. Maybe that calls for a re-read.

  4. "Kairos" - interesting.I need to check this out.


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